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Photocell Sensor Control Phases

       When the photocell detects a signal, this mechanism detects a person or an object at the middle of the door and provides a complete security by keeping the door open. In case when anything is stuck in, it opens the door immediately. If a person or an object stucks in during the process of closing or opening the door, the security section provides security by reversing the process.

Protection System

       The electronic system device provides an automatic protection against high voltages (except from the ones higher than 280 volt and sudden rises). The door is opened or closed automatically according to the signals from inside or outside of the sensor.

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One-way Passes (Entrance-Exit)

The door moves according to the warnings sent to the signals detected through the entrance or exit of the door.

Opened Door

The door is kept open.

Locked Door

The door is kept closed in addition to the sensor detections.

Door with Summer or Winter Mode (Economic)

The door operates in accordance with the measures defined preliminary when it is in the winter mode.

Fast Opening and Closing

Since the DC engine is used for the door different from its equals as an advanced technology, it does not require maintenance. Since the gear transmissions are manufactured from a metal with special alloy, they are not abraded easily.

Digital Mainboard
dc engine.png
DC Engine
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Door Open Button
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