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90 years with glass..

       Salt Cam is one of the oldest companies of Turkey dealing with the glass trade for a century. It has been the dealer of the Turkish Şişecam factories since 1965. It has reached more corporate structure by incorporating from 1992. It has been producing aluminium double-glazing profiles since 2016. Salt Cam provides services for its customers in the indoor storage area with an area of 6000 m2 in total in the Centre of Mersin and in the Organized Industrial Site in

addition to the industrial indoor plant with an area of 10.000 m2 locating in the Organized Industrial Site. Today Salt Cam carries out all kinds of materials and products demanded for the sector on variety of glasses. Salt Cam both contribute to the developments of its customers and enable the end consumers to use right products with high-quality by providing all kind of theretical information in addition to the products and services.

       Salt Cam has become one of the most important companies of the glass sector in Turkey with its background for a century and unique experiences. The contribution we made for the Turkish economy and our support for employment will continue increasingly.


90 years ago


22.000 m






       To  become a global organization which is a leader, hungry for success, ever-developing and –growing, inspiring the competitors in the sector, prestigious and faithful for its principles;

       not to be based on the commercial profit for the provided services, but to be based on the cooperations and common accumulation of knowledge;

       to keep the communication channels between the customers and producing company Şişecam open in order to become a participant product provider;

       to keep its personnel infrastructure which has a social consciousness;

       to keep up with the global developments and technological advancements in the sector and sub-sector, to reconstitute the production and supply processes continuously in accordance with those developments;

       to implement methods enabling higher living standards for the end consumers for all kinds of supplies.

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       Providing the products which are felt to be deficient in its sector, carrying our relevant procedures, having a role for enabling higher living standards for the locals through providing diversification, supporting the sub-sectors in terms of logistics and informatics, making the implementors and designers to focus on their own activities and representing humanitarian values while carrying out abovementioned activities.

       The service receivers are not only the company customers, but also the end consumers. Practising the theoretical requirements in order to follow out this perception is an essential condition for the future of a business and prevail all kinds of investments and profits.

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